The delivery of Lucy

Hey all, it has been a while that I wrote an article on my blog. The last couple of weeks have been rather hectic. We had to get used to our new edition of the family and she also had to get used to us. We have seem to come to a new balance and we all have more relaxing time. More about that in a later article. For now I will tell you how the delivery went. That was a whole new experience!

Week 42

When the pregnancy hits the 42 weeks then it is time to get induced. The week before we tried to strip me, but as I had not dilation yet, that was not possible. So on Thursday 29 of January we checked in at the hospital.

The midwife first checked my dilation to see if she could break the membrane. But unfortunately, I had no more than 1 cm. If she would break the membrane that time already, it could be a very long and tiring delivery. So I would be primed. Meaning, she would insert a certain pill near the uterus which would make the tissue more soft and hopefully would give me more dilation. Per day they give you a max of 3 pills. Before and after every pill the babies heart rate would be monitored via a CTG (Cardio Topo Grafie). Unfortunately, after two pills I did not have enough dilation. So I would get the third pill and next morning we would see what the status would be. Meaning, we had to spend the night in the hospital. Luckily, in this hospital (OLVG in Amsterdam) we had our own room. Miles could sleep on the couch.


In hospital CTG

Week 42 + 1 day

The next morning they checked my dilation again and I had 4 cm! Enough to break the membrane! 🙂 We were moved to a bigger room and around 10:30 my membrane was broken. The midwife also attached a heart rate device on the head of the baby. Yes, that is possible 🙂 After 5 minutes, before the oxytocine hormone was given, I already felt the first contractions. These were still mild. Then the oxytocine was attached to me via a drip. And I must say, within 15 minutes I started to feel the contractions. It was still doable, but after a while I started to notice that I could not really focus anymore on what was happening in the room. I think around 12 they became more and more powerful and I also had the feeling that the time in between contractions was getting less and less. Until a point where I think there was hardly any recovery time. So this was the “contraction storm” I have read about. I could not eat or drink. I could not see anything anymore as I only wanted to have darkness. Knowing that this probably would take another 7 hours, I decided it was time for a painkiller. I asked the nurse who was there for the painkillers, but she advised me to first to get in to the zone by doing certain breathing. Well, I tried and tried and I got in to a zone, but I did not like the zone. I also heard from Miles that I sometimes was just not there anymore. Also for him it was very hard.

After an hour of trying to get in to the zone, I said to Miles that I wanted the painkiller. I was not going to be able to do this for hours and hours. Fist the midwife had to come to check how for dilated I was. Then I had to have the “painkiller talk” and agree with the risks. We went for the epidural. Then the anaesthetist had to come. This could take 15 – 60 minutes. Depending how busy he was. Another hour was really not doable for me, as I already spent an hour trying to get in to the zone. Miles talked to the nurse to speed things up. Luckily, the  anaesthetist was there quickly. Once the epidural was in it took another 10 minutes and then the peace and quiet came. I could not feel the contractions anymore and I was back on earth. I could talk, eat and drink. Yes, the epidural was really really necessary! Not only for me, but also for Miles who was exhausted after seeing me in so much pain. Between 2 and 4 I had a sort of relaxing time. I had some yoghurt and something to drink. I even got an ice cream 🙂


After the epidural

And then about 16:30 I started to feel the pushing contractions. First very faint in the background and the pressure started to get more and more. I did not really know what to do. I tried to hold them back what I should not have done. This way I was blocking Lucy from getting lower in my pelvis. Around 7 in the evening I said to to midwife that either I started pushing or the epidural had to go up. I could not keep puffing the contractions away. But unfortunately, the head was not deep enough yet. So puffing again. At 19:45, even though the head was still not deep enough, I was allowed to do some test pushing. The epidural was halved and the oxytocine doubled. The first 15 minutes of pushing were useless as I did not have power due to the epidural. But after 15 minutes the pushing got more fruitful.

I must say, I do not know where I got the power from. The procedure was to wait for the contraction to come and then do 3 pushes. Miles told me that I turned purple every time I was pushing. I was screaming trying to get more energy. After every contraction I thought I would not find the energy for the next one. But somehow I did. I wanted the baby out! I could not stop anymore at this stage. And then, Lucy’s heart rate was not recovering enough after the contractions so they had give me an episiotomy. Yes, the “cut”. At that stage I seriously did not care anymore what they did to me, as long as Lucy would come out. And then it all went quickly. Two contractions later at 20:24 Lucy came out!!! She was put on my chest where she was crying and then pooped on me, haha. The first thing I saw of her was a lot of black hair and her daddy’s nose. It was such a nice moment. After all the pain and exhaustion she was finally there and we could finally see her!


Lucy an hour after she was born.


But the delivery is not done after the child is born, the placenta needs to come out. And of course, my placenta did not want to come out. After an hour of trying I was taken in to surgery where they removed my placenta. After that I was brought back to Miles and Lucy. As Lucy was only 2.888 grams, which is not much for a baby of 42 weeks, we had to stay for 24 hours in the hospital so they could do some monitoring and checks. The next day at 8 in the evening we could finally leave. The positive side was that we had some time with professionals who could teach us how to feed her and change the diaper.

How it went the first night at home will be in my next article. So stay tuned… 🙂



Sleeping in her cot at the hospital



Miles and Lucy skin to skin


Sleeping in her travel cot the first night at home.




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