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Lush…. Till about a year ago I had never been in a Lush store. I saw it is a glorified soap store and I am not really in to soaps. Next to that, I thought teenagers were the main target group (I mostly saw teenagers with their mothers in the shops) so it did not really appeal to me. About 4 months ago, I had some spare time and walked in to a Lush shop to browse. Since then, I have been converted in to a Lush-Lover :-).

Great hair care

The products I am mostly amazed about are the hair care products of Lush. It all started with the R&B moisturiser I bought a couple of months ago. I was just browsing and checking if there was anything of interest for me. And then I saw this little pot of R&B hair moisturiser.

Curly Hair Lush R&B CreamR&B is made with an extremely rich blend of oils and butters to restore your hair to its natural beauty. We believe good hair starts at your roots, so we’ve added ingredients that work on calming the scalp. Not only does this hydrate your hair, it will also leave it softly perfumed with bay and orange flower absolute. Just scoop up as much as you need onto wet or dry hair to experience the benefits of a rich treatment on your hair.


I use it every time I have washed or co-washed my hair (every other day) and it makes my hair so nice and soft and it takes away the frizz. I advise this for anybody who needs more moisture for their hair. It is not cheap: a small pot of 100 grams costs 21 euros, but it is really worth it. I have been using the small pot for 2,5 months and I think I still have a months supply left.

Also their shampoos are very nice. I have tried 2 of their shampoos now and these are seriously good. Also, these come in a pot. Personally, I do not find that very handy as you have to screw the lid off and make sure no water comes in the pot while you are in the shower. I have tried these two shampoos:

Curly wurly shampoo

Curly Wurly ShampooA rich coconut shampoo for anyone that wants soft, nourished hair. Lemon and papaya juice contain fruit enzymes to deeply clean the hair, leaving it feeling fresh. We’ve then used plenty of dessicated coconut and coconut oil, both rich in proteins and natural oil. We’ve added jojoba oil, a light oil which offers moisture and shine to the hair, while organic extra virgin olive oil helps to strengthen.

As the description already says, it has pieces of coconut. Coconut is really good for hair that needs some more moisture. So for all the curlies out there, this is perfect shampoo for your hair.It is not a shampoo that gets very foamy and you have to massage it in before it really does it work. After massaging it, the shampoo becomes a little bit foamy. It cleans very well although you do have to make sure that you rinse out all the coconut pieces from your hair. You do not really need a lot of this shampoo. Like I said before, the pot is not really handy in the shower, but it is too thick to put in a bottle.

This shampoo is priced 16,75 for a jar of 220 grams. It think that is a reasonable price.

Blousey Shampoo

Blousey ShampooA thick, deeply moisturising shampoo that hydrates your hair, leaving it feeling soft, nourished and cared for. Blousey is bursting with butters, bananas and berries to revive and protect hair. Bananas are protein-rich and soften the hair; cocoa and cupuaçu butters also restore moisture, and antiseptic pimento berry is effective in maintaining a healthy scalp.

This shampoo is maybe even better than the Curly Wurly. At least for my curly hair. It contains a lot of banana and that is something you can see when you open the pot. It does not really look and smell very inviting, but that is also not necessary for me. Let me be clear, it also does not stink. It just needs to work! And oh yes it does! My hair was so nice and soft after I used this. Also this shampoo does not really foam that much. Does not matter to me, as long as it works. I think that the Curly Wurly cleans the hair a little bit better, but I am not 100% sure about it. I would have to test it more 🙂

This shampoo is priced 34,95 for a pot of 250 grams. Yes, that is not cheap…

The next shampoo that I will try is the Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo which contains beer as main ingredient. I have read good reviews of that shampoo, especially with curly hair. But so far I have not used it so you will have to wait for my opinion about it. I first need to finish other shampoos before I start buying new ones.

Then I have also tried a conditioner. As a curly girl my hair needs a good conditioner as that gives most of the moist to the hair. After some searching I thought I would try the Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner.

Happy Happy Joy Joy ConditionerTurn heads with this summery-scented conditioner made with almond milk, jojoba oil, neroli oil, grapefruit oil, rose and orange flower waters that won’t weigh your hair down. This will cheer you and others up as your hair catches on the breeze, enveloping you in its uplifting fragrance. We’ve used almond milk as it’s a very mild and soothing way to condition the hair and added glycerine to help it stay hydrated.

Based on good reviews on the internet I have bought this conditioner. Due to the shocking high price of the conditioner I have only bought the small bottle. I first want to make sure I really like it before I start “investing” in this conditioner. The unique selling points of this conditioner are that it is a great conditioner that does not make your hair heavy and that it leaves a nice scent in your hair. To be honest, I cannot smell my own hair as it is not long enough and I use 3 different kind of haircare products after the conditioner, so I do not really care for the smell. And if I understand the sales woman in the Lush shop right, the ingredient to make it smell so nice is an expensive ingredient and is the reason why the conditioner is so expensive. Personally, I think it smells like my grandmother Eau de Cologne. So, I am not impressed by the smell.

The conditioner itself works well. Luckily you do not need to use very much to make it work. And it does leave the hair nice, soft and moisturised. I did notice that it works better with hair that has just been washed. So for my co-wash days I will use another conditioner. And to be honest, I will also try other conditioners of Lush to see if a cheaper one does the same for my hair, as I really think this conditioner is overpriced for what it is.

The price of the conditioner (yes, sit down and hold on tight before you see the price):

  • 100 gram bottle: 16,95 Euro
  • 250 gram bottle: 34,95 Euro
  • 500 gram bottle: 61,95 Euro


I must be honest, I have not tried many skincare products from Lush so far. As I have totally stepped away from facial cream in jars, most of the Lush skincare I will not try (you can read here why). However, I have tried the face cleanser Angels on Bare Skin.

Angels on Bare SkinThis incredibly gentle cleanser is made from 100% natural ingredients. Inspired by a mediaeval recipe and topped off with lavender flowers, this contains kaolin to absorb grease and dirt, leaving skin clean and nourished. Lavender oil and rose absolute calm the skin. As you mix your solid cleanser with water to form a paste, the ground almonds create almond milk which helps to tone and brighten the skin. This can be used all over your body as well as your face. 

I have read mainly positive reviews about this and as this is something different than the ordinary cleansers, I decided to give it a try. The way to use it is to put it in the palm of your hand and add a little bit of water to it so it becomes a milky paste. Then you apply it to your face and rub it gently. This ingredients clean and exfoliate your skin in a gentle way. After that you rinse it off with water. It leaves my skin very healthy, glowy and moisturised. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the effect.

Only downside is that it takes longer than normal cleanser as you have to create a little paste and cleaning it off you face is also a little bit more work. Besides that, I do not want to exfoliate my skin like this on daily basis as I already use AHA on a daily basis. So I use this every two or three days. But this I will buy again.

The price of Angels on Bare Skin is:

  • Pot of 100 gram: 9,90 Euro
  • Pot of 250 gram: 24,75 Euro

Some other products that I am thinking of trying are the fresh face masks that Lush sells. These are so fresh you actually have to use them quickly and need to keep in the fridge. Hmmm…. Next time 🙂

Another product that I bought and I am actually not very enthusiastic about is the lip scrub.

Lip ScrubA gentle lip scrub with more than a hint of mint humbug about it. Turn chapped lips into mint-choc chip lips: warming peppermint and sweet vanilla combine with real sugar crystals give your lips (and tastebuds) a service, leaving them primed for smooth lipstick application. As soon as you gently rub Mint Julips on your lips, you’ll feel its invigorating peppermint oil tingling away while the sugar crystals buff away any flaky skin.

I bought a little pot over a year ago when I was in Italy as I had very dry lips at that moment (my first ever visit to a Lush shop). But it really does hardly anything. I must say I am a person with very dry lips. But this sugary lip product does not work for me. I rub it on with my finger and after that I lick or rinse it off. But after using it I still have dead skin on my lips. I think using only your finger to scrub your lips under the shower works much better. I will not buy this again.

The price of the lip scrub pot of 25 grams is 9,65 Euros. That is a lot of money for 25 grams of mostly sugar.

One other product that I am currently using is the Lemony Flutter.

Lemony FlutterPerfect for softening our hardest bits: knees, elbows, heels, brittle nails and cuticles finally get the attention they deserve. Lemony Flutter revives a traditional method of cream-making that even the Romans would recognise. A little goes a long way, and within just a few applications, those neglected areas will be rejuvenated and smelling delicious, just like lemon curd.

I bought this because I had very dry cuticles. It is a rather big pot for just using on your cuticles, but it does smell really nice (like lemon, surprise surprise). While I was paying for it, the sales woman explained that you can also use it for your lips and any other dry part of the body. That was good information. And to be honest, I have using this mostly for my dry lips. I think it will last me another couple of years 🙂

The price of a pot of 45 grams is 10,65.

So that leaves me for now with all the Lush products that I have been using. About most of them I am very enthusiastic and I still have a couple of other items that I would like to try. But first I need to finish off what I already have from other brands before I start spending more money in the shop. One of the other good things about Lush is that they do not test on animals. Even though I do buy make-up from brands that test on animals, I try to step over more and more to brands that do not test on animals.

If you have any tips for me regarding products that I should try, please let me know!

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Thank you! Rosalie


  1. Some of my favorite Lush products are the Snowfairy shower gel, the Ro’s Argan massage bar and the Juicy shampoo.

  2. Ik ben gek op Lush, met name hun badproducten (Bubblebars). Hun skincare zorgt bij mij voor eczeem en de shampoo’s voor een enorm geïrriteerde hoofdhuid (schilfers, droog, strak, pijn) en dat duurt bij mij héél lang om weg te trekken. De American Cream conditioner is overigens wel HEERLIJK!

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