Curly hair: Adjusted hair routine

Not so long ago I wrote a blog about taking care of my curly hair. I was rather pleased with the results. But, I have even found a better routine! And of course I really really want to share this with you.

The products

Top 5 Redken Curvaceous Curls SwirlIt all started with a trip to Germany a couple of months ago. I walked in to the Hair Shop. This is a shop that sells all kinds of high end hair care. My mouth was drooling by just seeing all the brands and items that were sold there. I bought a couple of items of Redken and among them was the Redken Curvaceous Swirl. It took a while before I tried it but when I did I was amazed by the result. It keeps the curls together and makes them soft. The other items I bought  (shampoo, conditioner and mouse) did not make a big enough impression on me.


Curly Hair TBS BananaThen I read a review of the banana shampoo and conditioner of The Body Shop. Somehow I was intrigued by the bloggers who wrote that they used to use these products many years ago and that TBS had reintroduced the shampoo. I was a little bit hesitant because I did not really want to smell like a banana. But in the reviews I read that the shampoo was an amazing moisturiser and that it gives the hair a lot of volume. It does not comply with the no-poo requirements, but I still wanted to give it a try. And after the first time washing I was very pleased. And now I have been using it for 1,5 month and I am still very pleased. Luckily the banana smell is not very obvious. I personally do not smell it after it has been rinsed out. The shampoo cleans the hair well but does not strip off everything. For my curls this is perfect as they need a little bit of hold. For people who want very very clean hair not so handy.


Curly Hair Lush R&B CreamAnd a couple of weeks ago I walked in to the Lush shop. I must admit that this was only the second time in my life I ever went in to a Lush shop. I am not really a soap user so the shop never really was of interest to me. I was browsing around and not planning to buy anything. And then I saw the R&B hair moisturiser. It just looked so interesting. I had never read any reviews about this stuff, but I still decided to give it a go. Also this does not comply with the no-poo requirements. But boy oh boy, this stuff moisturises the hair! You actually have to be careful to make sure you do not use too much. The hair is silky and smooth after I have used it and does not frizz at all. The curls stay lush and healthy. This is definitely a winner.



Curly Hair Redken Curvaceous RingletsSo I was already very pleased with these products together, but there was something missing. When I was putting in an order online for the Redken Curvaceous Swirl I saw the Redken Curvaceous Ringlet. I had not used this yet but I was looking for a product to replace the Jessicurl Confident Coils. I really liked the Jessicurl styling product but it did only hold for about 8 – 10 hours. Also, I always had to repeat the whole styling routine the next day to make sure I still had some curls left. After reading some reviews I decided to give the product a chance. And I am also very pleased with this. Where the swirl keeps the curls together, this stuff brings the curls together.


My updated curly hair routine

The actions are actually the same as before, only the products have changed.

  • Wash my hair with the banana shampoo and conditioner. I still wash my hair with shampoo every 4 days and use the conditioner every 2 days.
  • When soaking wet I scrunch in the R&B Moisturiser from Lush. I only use a small amount (about a finger top)
  • Then I scrunch in the Redken Curvaceous Ringlet. Also here I use only a small amount (half a pump) because my hair already has the R&B Moisturiser in the hair. These two products give the hair an amazing moisturising boost! You can hear the juicy sounds of the hair 😉
  • After all that moisturising  I use the microfiber towel to dry my hair by crunching in the curls gently
  • To make the curls hold I scrunch the Redken Curvaceous Swirl carefully in my hair. Also here I make sure I do not use too much (one pump). But I use enough to make sure that the curls will hold.
  • Then I blow dry my hair shortly to make sure I have some volume on top of my head. I use a diffuser on the hairdryer and leave the hairdryer on the coolest “warm” setting (so not on the cold air). Here you can dry your hair about 80%. Usually I do not have the patience and time, so I only do it for about 50%.
  • And then the trick is to not touch the hair and wait until it is dry. With me it usually takes about 2-3 hours. When you dry your hair till 80% then it will be quicker of course.
  • When my hair is dry I scrunch the curls and go through my hair with my fingers. By doing this an unbelievable amazing and shiny curl is unleashed. Also, I have a lots of volume! When I need more volume, I just go through my hair with my fingers and the volume is back. The whole day until I go to bed my hair looks amazing and it has no frizz. Also, the next day my hair still looks nice. With a little bit of water I revamp the curls. But I must say, that it is not as good as the first day. But good enough and much much better compared to my second-day-hair with Jessicurl (which actually did not exist).

I think this routine is better than my previous routine as it:

  1. Gives lush and shiny curls
  2. Gives volume for a longer time and during the day it is easy to get the volume back
  3. The next day the hair can still be revamped
  4. Chance of frizz is even smaller

Yes, I am very pleased with this. I can advise all curly girls to try these products when you want nice soft curls.

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Thank you! Rosalie


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