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Review: NARS Illuminator

Today a review of the NARS Illuminator. Lately I am sort of intrigued by having a healthy glow on my face. I always preferred my foundation light and “glowy”, but nowadays you can also buy amazing products to give your skin a healthy glow. like highlighters. A highlighter is a must for me when I apply make-up.

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Nutriganics Kit from The Body Shop

Nutriganics Kit from The Body Shop 

The Body Shop, I love The Body Shop. It is filled with beauty products that are not tested on animals. I – a major animal lover – appreciate that a lot! Therefore, I regularly buy products from The Body Shop and a while ago I bought this Nutriganics kit with 4 mini’s. I already had it for a couple of months, but I only tend to open up a new product when another one is empty, or when I really do not like the one I am using. I really liked the facial products I was using at the time I bought this, so it took a while before I actually tried it.

Nutriganics Kit


Nutriganics Line


I have been intrigued by the Nutriganics line of The Body Shop as it is has no parabens, no silicons and 98% of the ingredients is of natural origin. I have been using the Drops of Youth, which is a lovely light serum. As I was very happy with the drops, I decided to buy this mini set in the hope I would be as happy with it as with the drops. I will do a review about the drops later in this blog.

Contents of the kit

The kit contains 5 items:

  1. Nutriganics™ Foaming Facial Wash 50 ml
  2. Nutriganics™ Refreshing Toner 60 ml
  3. Nutriganics™ Smoothing Day Cream 15 ml
  4. Nutriganics™ Smoothing Night Cream 15 ml
  5. Nutriganics™ Toiletry bag

Buying a kit like this is a very handy way of getting to know the line or to have a small set to take with you on holiday. For me, I took the benefit of taking it with me on holiday to get to know it.

The Nutriganics experience: my opinion

Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash  

To be honest, I am not a person who normally uses a foaming face wash. Normally I use the Purity face wash from Rituals which is nice and creamy and cleans the face very well. Anyway, about this face wash: Some of the ingredients promise a nice clear and moisturised face. The organic babassu oil helps smoothes and revitalise the skin. And the organic mallow flower and the organic sugar moisturise and soften the skin. The container has a handy head on it to distribute the foam properly. I am happy to see that The Body Shop chose to put a real head on the mini instead of choosing a cheaper option. But I guess that for this type of product, the foam, it is necessary.

Nutriganics Facial Foam

This face wash is not my thing. But to be honest, that is every foamy face wash. The substance is a white light foam that you put on your face. I thought it did not clean very well. But for me that is inherent with a foaming face wash. It does not really clean the skin like a more creamy or milky product. The smell of the facewash is okay. It has a very clean and organic smell. If you wonder how organic smells… Well, like this face wash 🙂

Nutriganics Refreshing Toner

I normally only use a toner in combination with a cleansing milk, but this kit does not contain a cleansing milk. I am very curious to find out if there are actually people who first use a foamy face wash and then the toner. For me it is the one or the other. Anyway, of course I tried it. Also this one I compared to my normal facial cleanser and it also did not clean as well. This toner also has the same babassu oil and mallow flower as the face wash. But also organic aloe vera to moisturise and soften the skin. And the fragrance is created by rNutriganics Face Tonerose, geranium, fennel and orange essential oils. It actually almost has the same clean and organic scent as the facial wash.


The toner is a clear little bit watery substance and is to be applied with a cotton pad on the face. You need to use it after you have already cleansed the face. I would suggest you use a nice cleansing milk instead of the facial wash. Then it will be a perfect combination.

Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream

The two creams were the items I was actually most curious about. I am 35 years old with starting wrinkles so I fit the target group. My skin is normal to dry. I always prefer a cream that is nutritious and gives me the feeling it is really doing something for my skin. This cream has some interesting ingredients, for example red grape, plantain and elder flower to improve skin tone and texture. For fragrance, essential oils and natural fragrances are used. The cream is in a container with a pomp. That is very handy as it is more hygienic than a pot.

Day Cream CollageThe cream is a white creamy substance that is easy to massage in the skin. One of the first things that I noticed when I applied it was the smell. I do not like this smell! It smells like something artificial. How is that possible with all these nice ingredients? The smell really put me off.  The cream it self is a mild cream. For me it is too mild as it does not comply with my preference of having a cream that really works for you. But if you like a cream that absorbs quickly in to your skin and is not greasy, then this is really your cream. It is suitable for normal to dry skin. I think for very dry skins this is not suitable. Then I would advise the vitamin E cream from The Body Shop.

Nutriganics smoothing Night Cream

The night cream comes in the same kind of container as the day cream but then in a black colour. It also comes with the same interesting ingredients as the day cream.

Nutriganics Night CreamThe cream is a little bit more rich than the day cream and I actually really liked this cream. The scent of this cream is also less annoying as the day cream scent (which for me was really too much). So I really enjoyed using this cream. I had the feeling it was really moisturising and nurturing my skin. So this one is a definite yes to me!


Nutriganics Toiletry Bag

Nutriganics Day and NightA small but handy toiletry bag that is handy to bring with you on holiday. As the bag is see-through you can see the items you have put in. I always prefer toiletry bags like this. I think it will be very handy for you smaller eyeshadows, blushes, mascara etc.

My conclusion

So, my conclusion for this Nutriganics kit. I do not like the foamy face wash, but that is really because I do not like foamy face washes in general. The toner will be great in combination with a cleansing milk (also a personal preference). Unfortunately, the Nutriganics line does not come with a cleansing milk, but it does come with a cleansing gel (no, not my thing :-)) The day cream is also not a winner for me as it is too mild for me and I do not like the smell. The night cream however is very nice and I really liked to use it. The little bag is a winner too.
What I do like about this line is the fact that it contains a lot of organic ingredients and no parabens. For some readers the absence of silicons might also be a pre. For me it does not matter that a product contains silicons. So all together the balance just tips over to the positive side. If The Body Shop would add a cleansing milk and a more rich day cream, I will definitely try more of the Nutriganics line!

A little bit of a yay 🙂

The Nutriganics Kit is sold at The Body Shop and is 20 euros.

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Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner

I ran in to this eyeliner in the Sephora in Verona this summer. I had never heard about it, but I did know the They Are Real Mascara. A lot of women love the effect of the mascara and I guess there is a good reason why this is one of the best sellers of Benefit. Personally I like the mascara but I am not raving about it. It is okay. But the sales trick, making it a “They Are Real” product, worked on me. Also, I was intrigued by the look of the eyeliner. It definitely looked different than any other eyeliners I had seen. I swatched it on my hand and I liked the fact that it was really black.  Also, the application was very smooth. So I decided to go for it.

The Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner promises a lot.

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner. Source: www.benefitcosmetics.com

Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner. Source: www.benefitcosmetics.com


I had to read the package before using it.

  • Remove the orange tip protector & discard
  • Twist base until product is delivered – approximately 8 to 10 rotations
  • Wipe away excess liner
  • Click once for enough product to line both eyes.

My experience

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner

Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner

I removed the orange tip protector and twisted the end many times. Finally I saw the black of the eyeliner coming out and started to apply it to my eyelids. In the beginning it feels kind of odd to apply the eyeliner with the rubber end. But it worked really well. I had to twist the end again to make sure that I had enough eyeliner for both eyes. The liquid is black and it gives a very good definition of the eye. Together with the They Are Real Mascara it gives a very beautiful and dramatic effect.

So my first experience was pretty good. Unfortunately, the next experiences were not so good. The second day I opened the eyeliner nothing came out. Even though I properly closed the lid, the eyeliner had dried out in the tip. I first had to remove the blocking eyeliner. Make sure you do this with something that does not have any fluff on it because the fluff will stick to the tip. I first tried to remove the blockage with a cotton pad, not a good idea! Do not try to remove the blockage with your fingers because the black does not come off easy. After removing the blockage I twisted and twisted and twisted. I cannot remember how many twists it took me to get something out. And for the next step, applying it on your eye, I have another tip: do not wait to long applying it, because it dries out very quickly! So I had to remove the blockage again, and had to twist and twist… Anyway, you get the picture. This same routine I have to do every time I want to use this eyeliner. Frankly, it is too much fuss for me so I have stopped using it. Even though the results are very nice. But I prefer my gel liners who are always happily ready to work.

It is not me. It is you.  

Because I was curious to know if I was the only one who was having this problem I started looking for reviews. I was “happy” to learn I was not alone in my experience. I also learned that one of the Beauty Bloggers I checked out was told by Benefit that she should keep the orange protector and place it back in the eyeliner when she was done applying it. Did I miss that on the packaging? No I did not. Also on the website it clearly says, “remove the AccuFlex tip protector & discard”.


To summarize: the results of the They Are Real Push-Liner are really nice. Unfortunately, the quickly drying formula makes it too much fuss to work with. So for me it is a definite NAY.


The eyeliner is available in the beauty and make-up shops that sell the high-end make-up (in the Netherlands for example Douglas) and the price is 25 Euro.

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