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Going Dutch

Hi dear readers,

It has been a while. And that is an understatement. Reason, busy busy busy. A little child and working 4 days a week is rather occupying. But, it is sooo nice to cuddle with my little girl when I come home.

Anyway, I have been neglecting my blog. And that is a shame. So I am going to pick it up again. However, it is going to be in Dutch! Oh yeah. Read more…

The delivery of Lucy

Hey all, it has been a while that I wrote an article on my blog. The last couple of weeks have been rather hectic. We had to get used to our new edition of the family and she also had to get used to us. We have seem to come to a new balance and we all have more relaxing time. More about that in a later article. For now I will tell you how the delivery went. That was a whole new experience!

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