Beauty items I bought based on reviews

Over the past few years I have been reading a lot of beauty blogs and based on those blogs I have bought some beauty items. In this article I will show you which beauty items I have bought. Some were a hit and some where a miss. I will tell you my opinion and experience.

Urban Decay Naked II palette

Urban_Decay_N2I think this was the first make-up palette I bought (before this palette I had only bought mono’s). I saw it for the first time on Because Sephora had left the Dutch market a year before, I had to order it via eBay. Luckily I ordered the real version and not a fake version.

The palette contains 12 nude colours which are perfect for cool and warm skin tones. The eye shadows and the brush are both of very good quality. I usually take this palette with me on holiday as it will give me many different looks. Whenever somebody needs a nice eyeshadow palette, this is the one I advise. I also have the Naked 3 palette which I bought without hesitating.

Dior palette Peacock 434

dior-summer-2013-peacock-eyeshadow-quintThis palette I bought based on a tutorial on Because the tutorial was already a year old, it was difficult to find the palette. In the end I found a second hand, but hardly used version, on Marktplaats. The person who sold it to me decided that it wasn’t the right palette for her. I must admit, I have only used it a couple of times. Even though the colour tone is right for me, I am more in to nude colours. But maybe I will like again it this summer.


Dior Skin Nude Tan Transat Edition 001

Diorskin-Nude-Tan-Transat-Edition-001I saw this highlighter on Cynthia thought this was one of her favourite highlighters and I wanted to buy a golden highlighter as well. Due to the fact I had a 50 Euro certificate for the DA-drogist, I wanted to spend that certificate on this highlighter. Normally I would not spend so much money on a highlighter. This highlighter was very difficult to find as it was a limited edition. I have searched in the Netherlands and on Gran Canaria, it was sold out everywhere. But in Zierikzee of all places, I found this highlighter and I could use my certificate as well. I really love this highlighter. I brightens up the skin and makes you look very healthy and glowy. It would be really a shame once this one is finished. Luckily, it contains a lot of product so I am good for at least the next 2 years.

NARS Orgasm Blush

Nars OrgasmEvery beauty blogger was writing about this blush and almost every blogger was very enthusiastic about it. So when I was in Rome and I saw in in Sephora, I decided to buy this blush without trying it on. The blush contains a golden glow. I must admit, in the beginning I actually did not like it. I did not understand the fuss around it. Actually, I still do not understand why everybody is so excited about it. But, it is an okay blush and lately I have used it now and then.

NARS Albatross Highligher

Top 5 Nars AlbatrosAlso this item is a favourite of a lot of beauty bloggers so I bought this together with the Orgasm Blush of NARS. It is a cool toned highlighter. This one I really like when I want a cool look on my face. Must be honest I usually use a warm highlighter (the Dior one described above) to balance out the cool eyeshadows and lipstick that I use. But I understand why so many people are enthusiastic about it.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 02 Frambourjoise

02_frambourjoiseBased on a tutorial on I bought this lipstick. It has a lot of pigment and a mat finish. After buying this I decided that I do not really like mat lipsticks as they sort of look like paint going wrong on my lips. So I do not use it anymore.


Roberto Cavalli Paradiso

Roberto_Cavalli-ParadisoI cannot remember on which beauty website I saw this perfume. I really liked the description of the scent so when I was in the Douglas I tried it on. I immediately fell for this perfume. Lo-ving it! It is playful and a little bit warm. But not too warm. Perfect for a casual day or for work. Although, I normally wear something little bit heavier for work. Depends on my mood.


Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Benefit mascaraAlso an item every blogger was raving about. I bought this when I was in Germany. It is a nice mascara but I do not like the big brush. I prefer a more slim brush so that the chance of lumps in your eyelashes and painting the skin around your eyes black is limited.



Philosophy Hope in a Jar Day and Night cream

Hope in a jar dry skinAlso two items many beauty bloggers were raving about. As I have dry skin these creams would be perfect for me. And I must admit I really liked them. Also, the packaging looks very nice in the bathroom. I stopped using these creams and the Philosophy Purity Made Simple after I had my skin analysed. The conclusion was that I had a redness in my skin which they see a lot with Philosophy users. Also, Paula Begoun wrote about the possible irritating ingredients in the Philosophy products. Next to that, I do not want to use any creams that come in a jar for hygienic reasons.  Therefore I did not repurchase the Philosophy items after I had I finished them. I actually should have my skin analysed again to see if the redness is now gone.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple

Purity Made SimpleThis is a very good skin cleanser and seems to be gentle enough. It does not really smell like anything and it is easy to use. Just apply this with some water on your face and wash off with some water. However, see my text above. Next to that, it always becomes a little bit of water ballet. I prefer removing my cleanser with a cotton pad.



Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion

Urban Decay eyeshadow potion

Until 3 years ago I had never heard of an eyeshadow primer. This first time I saw a beauty blogger use it, I was surprised that something like that existed. After seeing many other bloggers using such a product I decided to also give it a try. I must say, it does work, the eyeshadow stays in its place, and now I always use the primer before I apply eyeshadow. Although I also use other brands that work fine as well.

Lush Angels on Bare Skin

Angels on Bare SkinThis is a funny product and I had never seen anything like it before. It is a thick “paste” that you need to mix with water. A whole different type of cleanser than all the other ones. That is what I like about Lush, they have a lot if “different” products. I use this once a week. Not because my skin cannot handle to use this more often, but because removing it from my face takes more effort than my normal cleanser. I am lazy by nature, especially right before bed. But the result is a nice hydrated and soft skin.

Clarins Addition Concentré Eclat

Clarins Glow BoosterThis little container contains drops that you can add to your day/night cream. I liked the idea as you can decide yourself how many drops you add to your cream and therefore have the “power” to carefully use it (or not carefully haha). I do not want to look orange or have brown patches on my face. Especially after this winter where I was at home a lot due to pregnancy and the delivery, I decided I needed a little but more colour on my face. I felt I looked like a warmed-up corpse 😉 Honestly, it worked a little but not as much as I hoped for, I would not buy this again as it was rather pricy.

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Thank you! Rosalie


  1. Wat heb je een hoop aangeschaft door veel lovende reviews haha! Ja, ik vind dat ook altijd wel verleidelijk hoor, al die mooie blogs en items. Ikzelf heb ook meeeeer dan genoeg (mis)kopen gedaan, maar dan vooral door de Amerikaanse Youtubers. Die kunnen me al helemaal overhalen met hun enthousiaste, lovende woorden als “amazing” en “THE BEST”. Hope in a Jar vond ik zelf vreselijk, kon niet wennen aan de geur en de creme trok helaas niet in. Ik ga Purity Made Simple eind v/d aanschaffen, een klein flesje, om mee te nemen op vakantie. Ik heb Paula B. haar adviezen vroeger wel opgevolgd, maar uiteindelijk vond ik niet dat mijn huid nou zoveel beter er uit zag. Nu gebruik ik gewoon wat ik prettig vind. De Claris druppeltjes vind ik wel geweldig, maar ik gebruik vaak veel meer dan ‘t advies, dus ik zie genoeg verschil hihi. Heel leuk artikel!

  2. Die nars highlighter en blush wil ik ook al zooo lang proberen, mede door de lovende reacties van iedereen Enkel de prijs houdt me een beetje tegen :p

  3. Ha, ook ik ben schuldig, vaak aankopen gedaan na het lezen van positieve reviews. Over het naked palette was ik dan achteraf iets minder tevreden, maar Nars Orgasm en Albatros zijn het helemaal! Tegenwoordig let ik wel een beetje beter op of een product echt iets voor mij is, voordat ik als een gek naar de winkel ren. Niet alle positieve reviews zijn terecht, helaas…x

    • Oh wat jammer dat je niet zo tevreden bent met de Naked Palette. Ik ben er nog helemaal wijs mee 🙂 Toevallig nu weer een mooie taupe look mee gemaakt. Moet je zeggen dat ik Orgasmn er tegenwoordig ook weer bij pak. Het zijn toch zo nu en dan fases.

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