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Hello my dear readers and welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself, I am Rosalie and I started this blog in September 2014. In my “normal” life I work as a freelancer at a bank. This is interesting work, but it does not fulfil my other “girly” interests like talking (writing) about beauty, make-up, taking pictures and other nice things of life. Furthermore, it misses creativity (it is lots of brain work :-))

I love reading other blogs about beauty and I have the feeling I can also add some value to the beauty-blog-world. As I am mid-thirties I do have some experience to share of which you can benefit. Especially on the topics of curly hair care! Furthermore, I am expecting a little girl and I will share some of my pregnancy experiences with you. The pregnancy has a big influence on my life, like the obvious things like I cannot drink and eat everything I want. But it also has impact on the products I can use and the beauty activities I can do. Think about a sauna or certain sport exercises I cannot do anymore. But, mostly it brings a lot of a nice new experiences which I will share.

My schedule is to post an article twice a week: on Wednesday and on Saturday.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this blog. And please feel free to leave a comment or your opinion.

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Thank you! Rosalie


  1. Ester Reply

    Hallo Rosalie,
    Ik lees net op het blog van Miss Lipgloss dat jij een manier hebt gevonden om van je pluizige krullen af te komen, maar mijn engels is nogal slecht.
    Zou je het mij in het nederlands uit kunnen leggen?

    Groetjes Ester

  2. Anne Reply

    Why do this blog in English while you’re Dutch? I’m sorry to tell you that your English needs some work…

    • The reason I decided to write in English is because I can reach a bigger audience. My target audience is women above 20 and most of those women understand English. Besides that, why not in English? The fact that my English is not perfect, does not mean I cannot transfer a message 😉

  3. Leuk zeg dat je je ervaringen hier deelt. Blog je niet meer?

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